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Last week, our research group spent two days in the Botanical Gardens in Brüglingen, Münchenstein. The area is a large green area, neighboring the St. Jakob Stadion (where FC Basel plays) but hidden in a way that only those who know it enter it. Most football fans would probably not even know it exists. It is unbelievable, that within such a close distance the world can look so different. Flowers blooming in all colors, wide areas of green, old and well-maintained buildings, old trees, some large art installations give the feeling of a very special, preserved place. If the Merian couple would have had children, most probably the area would look like any other suburb. Someone certainly would have sold the land for whatever reasons.

But the Merians did not have children and they brought everything into a foundation. The Merian foundation still maintains the park, besides supporting many social projects in Basel.